10 valuable life lessons I learned from Gilmore Girls

In case you don’t know, I quit my job in January 2018 to go on a volunteering program to Jordan. Since then, Netflix has been my best friend and I have binge-watched a lot of TV shows through these months. The one that I loved the most has been, without any doubt, Gilmore Girls.

I used to watch it when it was on TV and I was about 12 years old (young!!), but rewatching it gave me the opportunity to understand valuable life lessons that these girls can teach us.

10 valuable life lessons I learned from Gilmore Girls

If you don’t know what I am talking about, let me give you a short summary of the show. It is the story of this single, teenage mother (Lorelai) and her teenage daughter (Rory) living in a small town in Connecticut. They have more of a best-friend-relationship instead of a mother-daughter one, and that is what makes it incredibly appealing. It is a great family show that has taught me many things. Here are my top 10 valuable lessons I learned from Gilmore Girls:

1. You will need your parents for the rest of your life

Even if you don’t think so. Your parents are the people that love you the most and know you better. They will always be your best counselors and your greatest supporters. In my case, I have a more mother-daughter relationship than Rory and Lorelai have, and I wouldn’t call my Mom my best friend (that’s my sister), but any time I need to make a big decision she is the first one I always go for help, even now that I am 26 years old.


2. Dating is terrible until you find the right person

One of the episodes I relate the most to is the one where Rory has a terrible first date. I have been through many of those. A lot of them. But then she finds Logan and everything starts smoothly. This shows that dating is terrible until you find the right person for you. In case you were wondering, I haven’t yet.

3. No one’s life is perfect

I sometimes look at people and think that they don’t have any problems. Their lives have to be perfect. They always look so happy. But watching Gilmore Girls I learned that we can’t judge people out of how they look.Gilmore Girls sad We don’t know what is going on in people’s lives (as they don’t know what is going on in ours). We tend to make other’s believe everything is ok, maybe just to not look vulnerable. Maybe because we don’t want to be asked about our problems. But the reality is that we all suffer once in a while. Everyone. One of my favorite scenes in Gilmore Girls is when Lorelai is suffering because of her fight with Rory but pretends a smile when Luke comes home. Saaaad!

4. Work for your dreams

I am a dreamer and I have always tried to go for whatever dream I’ve had (learn to play piano, get a cat, find the perfect job, get into graduate school in the US… all accomplished!). But throughout the years I’ve learned that it is hard. No one is going to give you anything just to make you happy. You are going to have to work for it. Rory was accepted into every school she applied, but she studied to get amazing grades, took some volunteering programs and was part of her school’s newspaper. If anyone tells you they didn’t have to do anything to achieve their dreams, their lying (or they are very, very lucky).

5. Take risks (they will be worth it):

I know that a comfortable life is always desirable, but taking risks is exciting! I have always been one who enjoys changing career paths, trying new things and experimenting. But that could also be challenging. You don’t know how it might turn out and that is scary.

Remember when Lorelai wanted to buy the Dragonfly Inn? She took the risk without knowing if there was going to be a positive outcome. If you love something, try it. Even if you fail, you will learn from the experience. Totally worth it.

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6. Your life path can be different to the one people surrounding you is following

I have never followed anyone else’s path. Right now, for example, my friends are getting married, buying houses or looking forward to being promoted in their jobs. I have left everything to go to graduate school. And you know what? I can’t be happier! My life is completely different to the people in my environment but I wouldn’t change places with any of them.

I also have single friends who are worried that they don’t find a boyfriend (as I said, many of my friends are getting married now). But I am totally fine on my own. I really value my independence and I would never be with someone just to be able to say “I have a boyfriend“. Never. The train will come when it has to come and it doesn’t have to be at the same time your friends catch theirs.

7. Coffee is always a good choice

coffee gilmore girls

I already knew that, but hey! it is good to be reminded. I am a coffee addict and I loved how close I felt to Lorelai and Rory for their love of this incredible drink. Who cares it is ten at night? Order coffee. Best if black and with lots of ice.

Coffee means life.

8. Be around people that make you happy and forget about the rest

Life is too hard already to be surrounded by people who would just complain and make you feel worse. I have learned the hard way that there are people, even those you consider friends, with such a negative attitude that will darken your brightest day. Sometimes they are jealous and sometimes they are just like that. You are not going to change them. They have been like that their entire life. It is your job to leave them and start over with someone else. Life is too hard already.

Lorelai in Gilmore Girls goes from one man to another until she realizes Luke makes her happy. Be with someone that makes you be a better person. Be with someone who makes you happy and forget about everyone else.

9. Fighting is OK

I hate fighting. I guess everyone does, but I have always been one to avoid conflict. When I was younger I would give up something I really wanted just to not fight with a friend, a boyfriend or my family. Then, I realized that was just stupid. Fighting is OK. Even though it might feel wrong, it happens sometimes in life and there is nothing to fear.

gilmore girls fight
On Gilmore girls there are lots of fights: Lorelai and her Mom, Lorelai and her Dad, Luke and Lorelai, Rory and Lorelai, Rory and her grandmother, Rory and any of her boyfriends… And the list continues. In the end, you solve things and move on. And if you don’t, then its because that person wasn’t meant to be in your life. Don’t be afraid of fighting, it can be fun sometimes!

10. Food is great (Junk food preferably for Gilmore Girls)

I had to finish with food. I love talking about food, and eating (of course!). There is no Gilmore Girls episode I can think of in which there is not a single person having something to eat. It is always comforting to have a burger when you had a bad day or order pizza if you don’t feel like cooking. What I loved the most about the show is that Luke’s dinner was like the girls “safe place“. This shows that food is the best thing in the entire world.

gilmore girls food

Now back to you. Have you seen Gilmore Girls? Do you have any other valuable life lessons that you would like to share with me? Leave your comments down below! 🙂

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See you next time!


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  1. I loved the train metaphor you used, that makes me feel a lot better about things going on in my own life as well! I love the entire concept for this post as well, Gilmore Girls is the best!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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