The Ultimate Checklist For International Travelers

Are you planning to travel abroad but are afraid of the unknown? Every time you plan a trip you worry about the possibility of forgetting something crucial? Well, worry no more. I am here to help you. I have come with the ultimate checklist for international travelers:

  1. Research is key: Ok, so you have decided where to go, now my first advice is to do some research on the city/country. When is the best time to travel? What is the climate? What is the currency? Answering those questions you will be prepared and you won’t be surprised by anything unexpected.
  2. Entry/Exit requirements: Some countries require visas for foreigners to enter, even just for a leisure trip. Make sure to take a look at this in advance, as some visas can take up to two months to get. The easiest way to check is by asking your local travel agency, but if you are preparing every detail yourself, international embassies websites are a great source of information. If you are a US citizen Visa Central is an amazing website for this purpose.
  3. Passport status: If you are traveling internationally most probably you are going to need your passport. This is not the case if you have a UE passport and are traveling to another UE country, but otherwise, you will need it. Make sure it is updated and if the country you are visiting has any requirements regarding expiration dates.
  4. Travel insurance: Many forget this when traveling but it is extremely important in case of an emergency abroad. Many insurance plans cover trips up to 90 days but there is also specific travel insurance that can cost just a few dollars per day.
  5. Vaccinations: Many African, Asian or Central American countries require vaccinations before traveling, so be aware and plan ahead. Check with your local doctor about the shots and find through the Embassy the medical requirements.
  6. Make a travel plan: Some websites, like The Lonely Planet, offer great travel guides for most of the destinations around the world. If you don’t like reading on Youtube you can find pretty amazing videos of the main spots to go sightseeing.
  7. Book your flight tickets: If you already know the dates you are traveling start looking for your tickets.’s‘s annual airfare study shows the best time to buy tickets: around 60 days in advance for Mexico, Central America and Canada; around 80 days for Caribbean and South America; 90 days for Asia and South Pacific; 99 days in advance for Europe and 120 days in advance for Middle East and Africa.
  8. Find the best accommodation: From hotels to Airbnb there are so many different options to check that it can be overwhelming. this post from TravelHacks shows a guide to choose the perfect accommodation.
  9. Download the necessities: Phones and tablets are your best friends while traveling. There are some great mobile apps to use that can include offline maps, airplane entertainment or city guides.
  10. Pack the essentials: Don’t overpack if you are planning on buying presents abroad. Pack just the essentials and try to travel light.
Last tip: Enjoy your trip and travel safe!

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