My (Urban Outfitters) New Apartment Wish List

my urban outfitters wish list

If you don’t follow me on twitter (@ThisIs_Miri) you may not know that I was recently accepted into graduate school. This means I will be moving to Boston in August to enroll the program. And a new apartment means new decoration. I have found a tiny apartment near college and I am really looking forward to buying some home decor. As I am going for a minimalist-boho style, Urban Outfitters is the best option for me.

Even though it can be somewhat pricey, the decor items, bedding, and even furniture there is totally my style. Also, I am looking for products on sale and getting inspiration out of the website and then DIY the decoration myself to save some money.

Let me show you my Urban Outfitters New Apartment Wish List:


I love pillows. The more the merrier, right? My bed here in Spain is covered with up to 8 pillows with different sizes, textures, and colors. Not surprisingly, I want to get a some of them for my Boston house.

Stiched pillow Urban Outfitters

This Stitched Peach Jacquard Throw Pillow is just a dream come true. It is a rounded tiny cuteness and the cover is 100% cotton. The colors are so pretty I can’t even decide which one to buy. A single piece is £18, which I think is great!

As my bedroom is incredibly small I am trying to decorate it with very light and neutral tones, adding pops of colors through planters and maybe some wall decoration. Therefore, textures are extremely important to make the room interesting and fun. That is why this cute pillow caught my attention. It is called Stellan Lumbar Pillow and even though it comes also in grey, I will be getting the peach one.

This one is a bit more expensive ($49), but you can buy two pillows for $79. I think the pompoms on the edges are adorable and that the pattern will add a touch to my boho style. Size is 14″x20″ and both the cover and inside are 100% cotton. Even though I found it in the US store, it can be shipped to many different cities in Europe.

Finally, this Squared Pillow works perfectly with my color scheme and the quote is totally me.


It is £30 but, how adorable are those peach pompoms? I think it is worth its price.


Even though I will be taking my Zara Home bedding from Spain, I want to buy a new one for replacement and I have found a simple one that I love in Urban Outfitters. I wanted something white or beige without any patterns so that I can play with colors through the rest of the room decoration. I came across this beautiful Willow Fringe Cotton Duvet Cover in the US store. Although it adds a bit of texture through the fringes, it is subtle and I love it!


It costs $99.99 (it’s on sale!) but pillows are not included (that would be an added $49 to complete the set).

Urban Outfitters Planter

Right now I am obsessed with plants. I think they give the room a lot of life and a touch of color. For that reason, I want to get some cute planters for my new house, and Urban Outfitters have some pretty cool ones. For example, this Beatrice Cutout Hanging Planter. Don’t you think it is adorable?

planter urban outfitters

It comes in copper and gold so I can get that minimalist chic touch into my boho apartment. As it is quite tiny (12,7″ diameter) the plant is not going to be very heavy, so I can even avoid holes in the ceiling. The price: £18.00.

Miscellaneous Decor

As wall art decoration, I was looking for something super simple that wouldn’t damage the walls too much. I found this beautiful Multiprint Hanging Frame that is just gorgeous.

Don’t you love the golden frames and the way they are connected? I do! It is £35 but I am totally going to buy this. The best thing is that, even though I love the leafy images, I could change them into my own photos if I want to.

Finally, I always wanted an excuse to buy this Vinyl Player:

vinyl player

I think it will give my room a vintage look and I love that it combines a cream tone with rose gold. I am a huge fan of vinyl albums and even though I already have a vinyl player I don’t want to take it with me.  Right now it is on sale for £71.20, so it’s the best time to buy it.

As you can see I am very excited to move out of parent’s house. I would be decorating my very first own place and I want to make it right. So now, back at you. What do you think of the items? Is there anything you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments down below!

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    1. Yes! I wish I could get everything on that list, but I have to check my budget :S
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I really love the pillows! Especially the ripped ones, they looked like jeans! I really hope they’re comfortable and soft, because I feel like the ripped sections would feel weird on a person’s face you know? 🙂

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